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Hi!! I'm not sure if you remember me but I've talked to you at CF last year and bought your exo stickers >.< the year before that, I requested a comisssion of hunhan .u. anyway, my friends and i are planning to open a booth for CF this year and I wanted to ask where you did your printing for the stickers?? they were really cute and nice ; w ; i hope im not troubling you or anything >< ((hope to see you at CF again!!))

So sorry for the late reply OTL!! Yes yes of course I remember you haha ^-^ Thank you so much for the support during CF, I really appreciate it TT
No trouble at all! I printed mine at Angel Printing House at William’s Place (You can find them on FB), they’re located just across Sunway Pyramid above a mamak stall and just an additional note, stickers can be printed at most places that offer printing services, so if you see another place you can ask them about it (it’s for convenience sakes if you find it hard to run down to Sunway just to print stuff oTL) Hope this was helpful!
((Hope to see you again as well! I’m praying hard that our group will get picked for a booth this year~ TvT;;))

hey I was wandering where do u usually make prints? Im REALLY having trouble finding a place to make my art into keychain & stickers... btw I live in M'sia too so u can just state the place. trimas XD

Hey there Anon!! ~ Uh well, to be very honest I don’t really know myself! Since I don’t have a specific I’ve gone through several suppliers and hit and miss in experimenting with making merchandise from my art. So far for stickers (I’ve only printed them once) were from Angel Printing House at William’s Place (You can find them on FB) which is right across from the outside of Sunway Pyramid’s Redbox and is very much frequented by ToA Students xD Bear in mind these are sheet stickers, I have yet to find a supplier that prints die-cut at an affordable price oTL I also realized that most printing shops have sticker paper in stock so don’t worry about this ^^
For prints I printed them at a random printing place near my office in KJ and for postcards I ordered them from colourprinting.com.my. I have yet to find any supplier for keychains and when I do they require a huge amount of orders :( I’ve check around Pasar Seni before, there are alot of printers there for badges and other things that you might like to check out ^^ Also if you’d like to make prints, I highly suggest going directly to the printer instead because you can choose the type of paper and finishing that is available! 

I hope this was helpful, hwaiting with your merchandise!! ^0^

hello (*ꆤ.̫ꆤ*) i follow you on instagram and you post a lot of dolls there and i've been seeing multiple people with these kinds of dolls ,, and theyre so cute ;;;; i now sort of want my own but i have no idea on where to start / get them / how it works ?? would you mind explaining the basics / how to get started w it ?? i especially really like rouge his face is so pretty !!!! thank you & have a nice day !!

Hey there Anon! Thank you for following me on IG hehe; I think to explain about the hobby is a very long process, so if you’d like to know more you can email me at sujing.lim [at] gmail.com!! So I can reply you easily ^_^/

Hi!! I bought EXO stickers from you last year at Comic Fiesta, and I was wondering if you were going to be there this year with some in stock so I could buy more?? I really liked them a lot hehe uvu

Hello there Anon! Thank you so much for the support during Comic Fiesta, I really appreciate it!! ;V; Hopefully if all things go well and we get to secure a booth, I will most definitely be at CF2014 ^^ At the moment I don’t plan to reprint the previous set , however if you are interested I will reprint them for sale again this year in a limited amount ^0^/ I am also planning to make a new sticker set for CF this year as well :))

whispers I wrote an AU taosoo oneshot thing it's on feimyun I figured you should know about it

I need to sincerely apologize for replying this late! (Also for not replying the previous ask! OTL) I was away on vacation sobs! I’m so sorry! I’ve read your oneshot and OMFFFFF I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU Q_Q It’s so spot on with their characters and and offffff just everything about it is so perfect ;_; Thank you so much for writing Taosoo!

Can you draw anything for B.A.P?

Hello there anon! So sorry for the late reply! I would love to draw something B.A.P related but the only member I know is Himchan….. Q_Q;;;

rathikasheila said: That cat in the background tho. Hahahahahaha.

You my bro, I knew you’d notice that hahahahahaha

i just wanted to say that i just discovered this blog and your art, and i must say its adorable TT TT i really ADORE your artstyle and the way you draw hair ?? its so pretty !! and you also might have made me ship taosoo~~

omygosh omygosh thank you so much for dropping by!! ;AAA;!!! You’re being too nice, my art style is really just a question mark!! oTL 
……ohoho. hohohohoho. I live to spread TaoSoo-ism to everybody, I’m really happy to hear that :DDDD *evil scientist finger dance*

You don't even know how much I love your art seriously ;; v ;; That cooking taosoo just *^*)b

Thank you very much bb TmT!!!
I was so disappointed that the so called cooking show TaoSoo was supposed to appear in; didn’t happen! ;3; 

@lilmisschique said: Waz the thing on the left

He’s one of my dolls X’D

Give ♥ this ♥ to ♥ the ♥ twelve ♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥ get ♥ five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ perfect ♥

;;;;;;;;;;AAAAA;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

A caterpillar on a tree!? Jin do you have any idea what kind of picture are you implanting in my head? T^T /cries/ caterpillar on a tree. /dying of laughter/

hahahahaha its cute admit it admit it x’DDD ~!! 

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